winter wheat closeup
WINTER WHEAT: SY Grit is adapted to the Southern and Central Plains states.

AgriPro’s new SY Grit has grit

Northern Seed Extra: SY Grit is a new AgriPro brand winter wheat from Syngenta that does well in dry conditions.

Syngenta has a new AgriPro winter wheat variety called SY Grit. It is well suited for the Central and Southern Great Plains, stands well in good conditions and offers excellent straw strength, according to the company. It also features great drought tolerance to maintain yields in tough, dry conditions. SY Grit is a medium early maturity with a good disease tolerance package.

“SY Grit is a great example of the hardy, locally adapted varieties growers have come to expect from the AgriPro brand,” says Greg McCormack, key account manager for the Plains region. “We’re excited that we can deliver high-performing varieties like this year after year. Syngenta is dedicated to the wheat industry, and growers can see our investment in research pay off for them as AgriPro varieties consistently thrive and outperform competitor wheat varieties.”

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Source: Syngenta

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