Three Ag Groups Back Extension Reorganization

Three Ag Groups Back Extension Reorganization

They like regional offices and commitment to use new technology to reach producers.

The South Dakota Growers Association, South Dakota Corn Utilization Research Council and South Dakota Farm Bureau support the re-organization of the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service.

"With a $1.3 million budget cut and 95% of the budget spent on personnel, something has to give," said Gary Duffy, Oldham, South Dakota Corn Growers Association president. "They last reorganized the extension service 13 years ago. In those 13 years, we've had cell phone service, Internet, Facebook, Twitter. All of this technology has come on line. Now we'll use technology to do more with less, or do the same with less. I commend the committee for what it has done. We'll be using technology for the benefit of the producer."

"I think the regionalization of extension offices is a very good move," says Bryan Jorgensen, Ideal, president of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Research Council. "First of all, it takes their specialists and field specialists and combines them, and it makes those fewer offices a lot more powerful. It only makes sense to regionalize those offices and empower those offices so they have the ability to transfer data in a much more efficient manner."

"While never easy, we believe the changes will refocus Extension efforts and create opportunities for a more dynamic program in the future," says Scott VanderWal, Volga, president South Dakota Farm Bureau.

Source: SD Corn, SD Farm Bureau

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