South Dakota Makes Slow Progress Planting

South Dakota Makes Slow Progress Planting

About 22% of spring wheat and 2% of the corn is seed.

Spring wheat planting is estimated at 22% in South Dakota, compared to 74% last year and 68% for the five-year average, according to South Dakota office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

As of the week ending May 1, 30% of the oats has been planted, down from 65% for last year. Nine percent of the barley has been planted, compared to 51% last year and 47% for the five-year average.

Cool temperatures have also delayed progress of winter wheat growth with none of the winter wheat in the boot stage, behind last year's 17%.

Planting of corn is just getting started with only 2% complete. Planting progress is well behind last year at 28% and the five year average of 15%

Cool temperatures continue to delay germination of grains that have been seeded and the% emerged is still well behind last year and the five year averages. Soil temperatures range from 51 degrees F at Cottonwood to 43 degrees F at South Shore remained the lowest at 43° F.

Feed supplies continue to be in good shape with 91% rated adequate to surplus, up from the five year average of 85%. Stock water supplies are also in good shape with 100% in the adequate to surplus categories, up only 1%age point from last year.

Livestock condition continues to remain mostly in the good to excellent range. Cattle are rated 82% in good to excellent condition. Calving is 80% complete compared to 83% a year ago and 23% of cattle have been moved to pasture. Sheep are rated 83% in good to excellent condition. Lambing is 82% complete compared to 85% last year.

This report was based on information from county extension educators, Farm Service Agency county directors, and other reporters across the state.

Source: South Dakota office, NASS

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