SD Pork Group Hopes To Build Viewable Barn

SD Pork Group Hopes To Build Viewable Barn

Proposed facility at SDSU would allow visitors to see what's going on inside barn.

By Loretta Sorenson

The South Dakota Pork Producers Council is looking a unique project to educate the public about modern pork production.

The organization hopes to build a hog barn at South Dakota State University that's would be designed to allow visitors to see firsthand what takes place in a modern pork production facility, says Andrew Arhart, Alpena, SDPPC president.

SD Pork Group Hopes To Build Viewable Barn

"We're super excited that we can help with education of tomorrow's swine producers by this educational advantage. Pork production has to be very bio-secure. You can't just go to someone's farm and say you want to see their barn," This design includes glassed-in hallways where the public could walk and see activities inside the barn without posing a threat to swine health. Most people know very little about how today's pigs are raised."

The barn project is in the fundraising stage, with some South Dakota commodity groups having made a commitment to the project. It's possible that groundbreaking activities could take place in 2013.

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