SD Beef Council Seeks Producer Input

SD Beef Council Seeks Producer Input

What do you think of the beef checkoff? Here's a good opportunity to voice your opinion.

Ranchers who manage the beef checkoff in South Dakota want to hear from the state's beef and dairy producers who pay the $1 checkoff.

They encourage you to fill out a first-ever survey on the checkoff and its programs.

"We want to get producers involved in the process and engage them more fully in the program that belongs to them," says Ron Frederick, SDBIC executive director and Mission, S.D., rancher.

"Producers are the investors in the checkoff," says Frederick. "To my knowledge there's never been a survey of this kind done in the state. I believe that getting input from the producers who are actually paying the checkoff can help us make even better decisions."

SDBIC directors also hope to get a better picture of the producers who pay into the program. The survey includes questions about your age and generally where you are located. You are not asked to provide your name.

Frederick asks producers to watch for the Checkoff Café in the mail and then take time to complete survey portion and mail it back. "If they prefer not to spend money for a stamp they can complete the online version," says Frederick. See

Survey responses will be summarized, he explains, with results presented to the SDBIC board this summer prior to planning the 2013 fiscal year budget.

The February 2012 issue of the Checkoff Café, which highlights checkoff-funded programs in South Dakota, also includes the 2011 annual report of national as well as state checkoff programs, including financial summaries.

If you aren't' getting the Checkoff Café, contact the SDBIC office at 605-224-4722  [email protected].

Source: SDBIC
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