Festive Spirit Marks Dakotafest

High wheat yields and high prices improve mood at farm show.

A good wheat crop in much of South Dakota and wheat prices of $6-7 per bushel combined to produce a festive mood at Dakotafest, an outdoor farm show that was held recently at Mitchell, S.D.

"Chaaaching," is how one producer described his crop.

Despite going more than a month without significant rainfall, the corn crop generally looked good in central and eastern South Dakota, too.

The dry weather "took the top off our corn yield," said Scott VanderWal, Vogla, S.D. VanderWal, president of the South Dakota Farm Bureau, said he expects the yield likely still be above average if the plants are not stressed significantly before harvest.

August rains also have raised prospects for higher than average soybean yields across much of the Dakotas.

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