Fast Start For Planting

Fast Start For Planting

Small grain seeding progress is way ahead of average, but first effects of dry weather reported and rumors peg corn seed shortage at 15%.

Planting has started early across the Dakotas.

Barley, durum wheat and oats were 7%, 8% and 12% planted in North Dakota as of April 8, according to the latest reports from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service's North Dakota and South Dakota field offices.

That compares to none planted last year and none planted over the five year average.

Spring wheat was 17% planted, ahead of none last year and the five-year average of 1%.

Calving was 60% complete, while lambing was 76% complete. Shearing was 85% complete. Cow conditions were rated 1% poor, 9% fair, 74% good, and 16% excellent. Calf conditions were rated 6% fair, 77% good, and 17% excellent.

Fast Start For Planting

Sheep conditions were rated 8% fair, 70% good, and 22% excellent. Lamb conditions were rated 7% fair, 69% good and 24% excellent.

Hay and forage supplies were rated 2% short, 82 adequate, and 16 surplus. The percentage of feed obtained from pasture and range was 18% for cattle and 11% for sheep. Grain and concentrate supply was rated 4% short, 83% adequate, and 13% surplus. Pastures and ranges were rated 48% still dormant.

Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 12% very short, 23% short, 57% adequate, and 8% surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated 1% very short, 16% short, 72% adequate, and 11% surplus.

South Dakota

Barley was at 27% seeded, up 19 percentage points from last week, with 1% emerged. Oats were reported at 50% planted and 16% emerged. Spring wheat was at 52%  planted and 25% emerged. Corn was at 2% planted.

Dry weather is beginning to affect winter wheat. Winter wheat conditions declined last week with 10% very poor, 8% poor, 34% fair, and 48% in good to excellent condition; compared to 1% very poor and 52% in the good to excellent condition the previous week. Eight percent of winter wheat acreage was lost to winter kill and 2%  of the remaining acres reached the boot stage as of April 8.

Topsoil moisture supplies across South Dakota were rated 12% very short, 23 short, 57 adequate, and 8 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were rated 1% very short, 16 short, 72 adequate, and 11 surplus.

Corn seed 15% short?

There continues to be talk about corn seed shortages.

"Rumors in the market are that corn seed is 15% short against producers' orders," the National Sunflower Association reported in its weekly newsletter issued Monday.

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