Farm Rescue Now Accepting Applications

Farm Rescue Now Accepting Applications

If you have suffered major injury, illness or natural disaster Farm Rescue may be able to help you plant your crops this spring.

Farm families in need of planting assistance this spring should apply now for help though Farm Rescue.

The nonprofit organization is currently accepting planting requests from farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and eastern Montana. Farm Rescue provides planting and harvesting assistance to farm families that have experienced a major injury, illness, or natural disaster.

Farm Rescue Now Accepting Applications

"It is very important that farmers apply early to receive top consideration," says Calli Stoudt, Farm Rescue program coordinator. "Don't assume that someone else needs the help more than you. We also accept anonymous referrals of farm families that may be in need of a helping hand yet hesitant to apply for assistance. All information is kept confidential and reviewed only by our board of directors to select appropriate cases."

Families assisted are selected based on a number of factors including extent of need, farm size, farm viability and geographic location for moving equipment and volunteers in a timely manner.  Although there is no deadline to apply, applications postmarked by April 1 receive priority consideration.

Each family may receive up to 1,000 acres planted free of charge. Since 2006, Farm Rescue has assisted 160 farm families that have experienced hardships ranging from open-heart surgery and cancer treatment to severed limbs and car accidents.  

"Farm Rescue now has the equipment to plant corn in addition to small grains and soybeans," says Bill Gross, Farm Rescue president.  "We have added corn planting equipment to assist more farm families with a wider variety of crop planting needs."

For an application or more information, go to or call 701-252-2017.

Sources: Farm Rescue
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