Early Corn in '08?

These central South Dakota growers plan now to beat next summer's heat.

Terry Leischner and Jim Tiede, both of Parkston, S.D., were looking at new corn hybrids for '08 when they visited Dakotafest.

Lieschner says he is considering planting more early maturing hybrids.

"If we can get early corn planted early, it might pollinate before the hottest days of summer, Leischner says.

High temperatures can reduce pollination and yields.

John Johnson, a retired Florence, S.D., farmer, who was making the rounds at Dakotafest, said that he thought that South Dakota's weather was "back to normal."

He said he remembers most growing seasons while he was farming as being wet early and hot and dry in July and August.

Wheat usually flourishes under such conditions, not corn.

"Wheat was really good in our area this year," he says, "just like it has been in the past."

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