77 bu/a Tops South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest

77 bu/a Tops South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest

Winners were named in each maturity division with yields of 61 bu/a in Group 0, 72 bu/a in Group 1 and 67 bu/a in Group 2.

Frank Kralicek, Yankton County, topped with the 2011 South Dakota Soybean Yield and Quality Contest with a 77 bushel per acre entry in the Group 3 maturity division.

More than 230 entries were received for the contest managed by the South Dakota Soybean Growers Association and sponsored by the South Dakota Research and Promotion Council.

Dick Nissen, Clay County, won the Group 2 maturity division with 67 bushels per acre.

Paul Fishbach, Brown County, placed first in the Group 1 division with 72 bushel acre.

John Horter, Day County, won the Group 0 division with a 61 bushels per acre.

The contest was divided into nine different categories, based on soybean maturity levels from Group 0 to Group 3, as well as by farming methods such as irrigated, non-irrigated and no-till. (for complete results, see the chart).

First place winners in each maturity division receive a $1,000 cash prize and up to $1,500 paid expenses to attend the annual American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers Association Commodity Classic event in Nashville, Tenn. Second and third place winners received $500 and $300, respectively.

Quality winner

John Horter, Day County, won the Group 0 quality portion of the contest, with the variety Kruger 072RR, which produced 18% oil and 33.2% protein for a 138 estimated processing value (EPV).

EPV represents the sum the values of a soybean's components – oil, protein and hulls – and reflects market demand for those components.

Stan Hesby, Brookings County, placed first in the Group 1 quality division with the Pioneer 91Y90 variety. It was 18.1% oil and 36.2% protein for a 150.3 EPV.

Roger Baumfalk, Bon Homme County, topped Group 2 quality with Prairie Brand's 2419RR2 variety that yielded 18.9% oil and 35.5% protein for a 150.2 EPV.

Fank Kralicek, Yankton County, placed first in Group 3 with Pioneer 93Y13 that was 13.7% oil and 35.6% protein for a 150.9 EPV.

First and second place quality winners received $200 each.

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