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YIELD CONTEST: Top sorghum yields in South Dakota came from Aurora, Charles Mix and Brule counties.

South Dakota sorghum yield contest winners

South Dakota growers post sorghum yields range from 92 to 146 bushels per in 2017 contest.

State winners in South Dakota in the 2017 National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest by division, name, county, variety and bushels per acre are:

Dryland convention till
  David Knoll, Charles Mix, Pioneer 88Y4, 136.14

Dryland no-till
1. Lee A. Linnel, Charles Mix, Pioneer 87P06 ,135.69

2. Vanzee Ranch & Feedlot Inc, Brule. Sorghum Partners SP 34A19, 92.13

Dryland reduced till
1. Ronald Glissendorf, Aurora, DeKalb DKS29-28,146.84

2. Lee A. Linnell, Charles Mix, Pioneer 87P06, 132.99

3. Vanzee Ranch & Feedlot Inc. Brule, Sorghum Partners SP 34A19, 114.88

National Sorghum Producers sponsors the contest. The goal is to showcase sorghum and provide farmers with an opportunity to learn how to increase sorghum yields from each other.

Source: National Sorghum Producers

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