BEST WHEAT: An online tool will help you make head-to-head comparisons.

Compare spring wheat varieties head-to-head

Easy to use tool for spring wheat variety selection will show you yield, test weight and protein from 28 test sites.

Comparing wheat varieties has never been easier. The spring wheat variety selection tool allows you to make head-to-head comparisons. It’s available free online from North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota Extension services.

The variety selection tool allows users to summarize and review the results from the spring wheat variety trials at 28 sites conducted during the last three years.

“With so many new varieties on the market, this tool can be a powerful and easy way to access available data to help select varieties that will perform best for a given location,” says Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota Extension agronomist.

The program also calculates least significant difference values for all the comparisons that are generated, allowing the user a known level of confidence in any differences that are detected between varieties.

“One of the features of the tool that many growers find most useful is the option to compare varieties head-to-head,” says Joel Ransom, North Dakota State University Extension agronomist. “By simply selecting two or more varieties that are of interest, the tool provides the user with the yield data from every location where the selected varieties were tested in the same trial.”

In addition to yield, the tool also will generate comparisons of test weight and protein.

The variety selection tool for spring wheat is available online.

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