Looking For Next Ethanol Investment?

Looking For Next Ethanol Investment?

New company hopes to put together a venture capital group that will consider local projects.

It's been a while since farmers banned to together to build an ethanol plant or launch a pasta company.

But that may be changing.

A Brandon, S.D., company called, "The Funding Farm," recently announced that it is looking for investors who want to get involved with local entrepreneurs.

 "A lot of people involved in agriculture are tired of seeing their investment dollars leave their communities," says Matthew Willard, Funding Farm president. "That's one reason why the Funding Farm was created; we want to provide a platform for investors in agricultural or rural communities to create new businesses that will generate more jobs and more prosperity for the nation's midsection."

The Funding Farm is a business development company. It will consider new inventions, existing businesses that want to expand and turn-around projects.

"We are convinced that there are a lot of resources, a lot of smart people and a lot of good ideas in this area of the country," says Willard. "We think that the Funding Farm will bring those ideas, resources and people together to help grow companies in the Heartland for the long term."

The company will seek to promote and spawn many agricultural-related businesses in the region, but no good idea or potentially profitable business venture will be readily dismissed, says David Kolsrud, a farmer, and owner of The Funding Farm.

"Some of the more attractive investment partners in this region are active farmers and/or retired farmers and landowners. They are a significant source of both expertise and potential investment. So, we are trying to attract an agriculture-based foundation among our members, but it doesn't have to be exclusively related to agriculture."

Kolsrud has 15 years' experience developing renewable energy industries, primarily in the areas of ethanol, biodiesel, and wind projects.

"Our expertise is more in the agricultural base, but we're not ruling out anything," he says. "Our goal is to allow people with varying expertise to work together in their communities to bring any business dream or concept to reality."

Potential members or business entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit thefundingfarm.com online for more information.

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