CUSTOM RATES: Corn harvesting is one of the custom rates covered in the new NDSU custom rate survey.

New custom rates report

NDSU publishes the latest results from its 2016 survey of custom rates.

North Dakota State University has published the latest results of its 2016 custom farm work survey.

The publication, Custom Farm Work Rates on North Dakota Farms 2016, is available online or at your NDSU Extension Service county office.

NDSU conducts the custom rate survey every three years. The 2016 survey summarizes more than 2,600 reports from farmers, ranchers, aerial sprayers, elevators, custom harvesters and other custom operators.

The survey shows the number of reports for each operation, the range in rates, the most frequently reported rates and the average rate for each operation. Custom rates include charges for machines and equipment; tractors and power units; fuel, repairs and operator labor.

Operations include tillage, planting, fertilizer and pesticide application, haying, harvesting, grain drying, grain hauling, seed preparation, and hauling of hay and livestock. Custom livestock feeding also is included.

Source: NDSU

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