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‘No wind development’ editorial was uneducated ‘dribble’

Commentary: Reader cancels subscription, says, “You made fun of us,” and likens the Dakota Farmer magazine to the dung that early settlers started fires with.

By Marlin Day

After having read your "article" titledNo wind development” (“No wind development signs are a bad sign of the times in the Dakotas,” June 2017, Page 10 and online, I am of the opinion that you can cancel my subscription to your publication

I would like to point out that this was not news reporting, but an editorial where you stated your uneducated opinion. Mind you, nowhere did you try to present the other side to this issue, and it would lead one to wonder how much you were paid by big wind to write this dribble. But then again, since you are from Minnesota, I am sure you are far more knowledgeable than us poor folks from the Dakotas. Yes, you were talking down to us. As for us being against everything, we are for safety, green trees and lakes, and the ability to live a healthy rural life. Yes, you made fun of us, people like me who own a farm (oh, and the majority of my neighbors are farmers and against the big green lie), who have actually looked into the big green lie and found it to be far from safe, and far from green.

Well, at any rate cancel my subscription to Dakota Corporate Farmer, and in closing I do have to say my family will miss your publication in one regard — we always saved it to start campfires in the summer (very flammable). But then again, the early settlers used dung to start fires, didn't they?

Day is a reader from Hudson, S.D.

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